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Javier Lopez with The Meck - Q and A ..
Subway Sandwich ..The Band Boston .. Family and playing in Puerto Rico ..
TheMeck.Com, April 5, 2003
by David Meckley The Meck

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Javier Lopez with The Meck - Q and A ..
Subway Sandwich ..The Band Boston .. Family and playing in Puerto Rico ..
[Braves Dugout -Turner Field] Apr. 5, 2003 .. .. Column
------------------------------------------------------------------- ..
Meck ..Sitting here with number 8 at the yard man ..
You've lost 31 pounds .. How'd you do it man ??
Are you getting ready for the Olympics or What's going on ??

Javier .. [ Laughs] Nothing Meck .. I just decide to lose some weight
for this new year because first of all I felt like I was a little bit
overweight and in my position it requires to have less weight for
your knees ..
You don't have to put too much pressure on your knee ..
so the best way to do it is by losing weight and feel more healthy,
more loose, more flexible ..

Meck .. How'd you do it ??

Javier .. How I did it ?? .. Well, I started a diet .. at the same time
I started doing exercise, running, lifting weight .. all at the same time
and I was very consistent at doing it and I never stop doing it and
I'm still doing it .. and I guess that's what keeps up the success ..

Meck .. Do you think I need to get on that same program or what
do you think ??

Javier .. I don't know .. what do you think ?? .. If you feel like it ..

Meck ..[ laughing ] .. Let's go to the next subject ..
I had a friend of mine email me and say ..
Could you tell me what Javy's favorite food is ..
what his favorite movie is ..??
So what's your favorite food ??

Javier .. Well right now .. [ laughing ] ..
Right now it's gotta be Subway .. The Turkey Breast .. sandwich ..
[smiling] .. That's the meal that put me in this way ..

and my favorite movie, I don't know .. There's so many movies
that I really like a lot ..I can't tell which one I like the best ..
but I know one thing , The Star Wars Trilogy when I was a little kid
was my favorite .. but that was when I was a little kid ..

Meck ..What's your favorite music .. favorite band ?? name a couple ..

Javier .. Boston .. of course ..

Meck .. [Laughing] .. Boston ??

Javier .. You should know that by now ..Come on ..

Meck ..You remember it was 1995 when we went to the concert
together and you just said to me a minute ago .. If you don't make the
all star game in Chicago which we hope you do .. You want to go see
them maybe in Cincinnati .. go see the group Boston ..

Javier .. Oh, without a doubt .. If I have the time and the time is good ..
I definitely gotta go ..

Meck .. Do you remember Dothan, Ala .. Jan. 15th, 1996 ..
when you and Brad Delp came there and 5 thousand people showed up ..

Javier .. How can I forget that ?? I was with one of my favorite
lead singer of my favorite band of all time ..
Of course I remember that and I remember that day when they gave me
that acoustic guitar that is still hanging on my wall ..
It was a pretty unforgettable day for me ..

Meck .. You went backstage when they were here in Atlanta and hung out ..

Javier .. Yes .. that too ..

Meck .. and they came to the ballpark to see you ..

Javier .. They came to the ballpark .. It was living in a dream for me ..
those days ..

Meck .. Tell us how Analy's doing .. Javylito and Kelvin ..

Javier .. They're all doing great .. Javylito is still playing baseball, swimming .
Kelvin is growing up .. He start playing baseball next year and hopefully
he becomes another baseball player ..

Meck ..[ laughing] .. Kelvin's going to be a catcher .. I noticed he's got
a little catchers mitt like you ..

Javier .. We'll see .. I hope so .. I mean, I don't care if he's a catcher or
first base, as long as he plays baseball, that'll be good ..

Meck .. Real soon you'll be going to Puerto Rico .. What's that going to
be like to play there in front of your home country for the first time
ever as a major leaguer ??

Javier .. It's going to be very exciting playing in your country where your
family's gonna be watching and all your friends are gonna be watching ..
and it's your own country of course .. It's very exciting to play in your
own country and I look forward to see that ..

Meck .. How many tickets are you gonna have to leave ?? [laughing]

Javier .. I'll have to leave a bunch .. I mean ..

Meck .. I heard you say 40 or 50 ..

Javier .. 40 or 50 .. I might end up buying a bunch .. you know ..
I probably won't be able to get all the tickets for free .. so I have to
end up buying the rest of them ..

Meck ..Tell us how your father Tito's doing ..

Javier .. My Dad is doing great .. He's in love right now ..
His lady is a very great lady who has 2 daughters and one son
and they are all great , tremendous people and hopefully he can
find the happiness for the rest of his life in that girl ..

Meck .. Now Sandra, your sister lives down at Ft. Walton Bch.,
her husband is in the military at Eglin ..

Javier .. That's correct and they're doing great over there ..
I don't think they're gonna move anytime soon .. but so far they're
stll living there ..

Meck ..You look great man and it's great to see you at the ballpark
and I know a lot of people in Dothan ask about you all the time ..
by the way , we're transcribing this on so
your fans can read this interview ..
Tell everybody.. all your fans down in Dothan ..
What do you think of that town ?? You kinda like it, don't you ??

Javier .. Yeah .. no doubt about it .. They have a bunch of kind
people there ..
Great people who live there .. and I have say thanks for the way
they treated me every time I go there ..
They're great .. They've been great to me ..

Meck .. Thanks for your time buddy and looking forward to
seeing you in 2003 ..
and maybe we'll hook up and go to a concert here pretty soon ..

Javier .. We'll see ..

Meck .. a little Boston

Javier .. We'll see

Meck .. What's your favorite Boston song ??

Javier .. All of 'em .. [ laughing ]

Meck .. Thanks for your Time ..

Javier .. All Right .. Thank you Meck ..

Meck Column .. Q and A .. Apr. 5, 2003 ..
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