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The Meck's Bio
By: David Meckley

I was born David Greg Meckley on November 9, 1955, in Dothan, Alabama. My parents are Dick and Eunice Meckley. My dad retired from the PGA Tour as a Tour Representative. He is 81 years old and lives in Jacksonville, Florida. My Mother, the best friend I've ever known, went to heaven on my birthday, November 9, 1989. She was 70 years young and a beautiful, Christian lady.

My Mother's death caused me to focus on the things that really mattered, which is other people. I have tried to reach out to others as they have me. I became very involved in sports and tried to make it my life. However, through meeting sports stars, I began to realize that sports is not a life, it is only a game. Sports is a bridge to unite people for fun and fellowship. I have found that people and their feelings are the "real deal."

My dad has given me a love for the broadcasting end of sports. He did many radio and television shows locally in Dothan. He had the first call-in show in 1956 on WDIG. My dad, being gifted in broadcasting, worked with ABC Sports and Golf Network on the PGA Tour in the 1970's. He taught me to be real and to always be myself.

I met Gary Carter, the eleven time All Star catcher, in 1987, at West Palm Beach, Florida. In November of 1989 Gary came to Dothan for an autograph party which was very successful. Gary and I became good friends and after the death of my mother; Gary was there to encourage me, and he continues to be an inspiration. With the help of Gary Carter, I have had the opportunity to meet and become friends with many other sports celebrities. I always wanted my own talk show and in January 1992, with the help of a very close friend, Coach Oppert, my dream became a reality. Almost a thousand shows later, The Coach and The Meck aired Monday through Thursday at 9:00 p.m. In the Spring Book of '96, The Coach and The Meck received a 35 share, number one in the market with men 25-54 and a 21 share with both men and women. To maintain control over content and presentation, I have always purchased the time and sold my own sponsors. I am the director, producer and writer of The Coach and The Meck. We present sports information, but on a lighter side, which appeals to the women and children listeners. We do features and interviews on the real game, the game of life. For this reason, we reach the entire family and consider ourselves a family sports talk show. When the young people are listening, so are the moms and dads. Our show is upbeat and entertaining with a down home format. Our interviews focus not only on professional accomplishments but on personal battles and victories.

I have hosted and produced my shows from Atlanta following the Braves game. Also, I have aired shows from St. Louis, West Palm Beach, New York City and Montreal. Our shows are live and we accept phone calls throughout the show. It gives the fans quite a thrill to call and talk with their favorite player or coach. Don Sutton, Gary Carter, and Tim Teufel have joined our show live many times and are favorites with our listeners.

The Coach and the Meck go live every February at Gary Carter's Leukemia Golf Tournament from Jupiter, Florida. We interview several celebrities, and Gary Carter always joins us live. We also go live from Tim Teufel's Leukemia Tournament in New York City. In March of 1994, we were live from Palm Beach with Bobby Cox and Don Sutton. In February of 1994, Turner Sports Producer, Ken Noland, joined me live from the Olympic Village in Norway, to take calls with The Coach and the Meck. The fans asked questions about the Winter Olympics in Norway. Bob Costas joined us live from St Louis, Fred McGriff live from Cincinnati, Javy Lopez live from Puerto Rico, and Tom Glavine live from Atlanta, all taking phone calls from the listeners. Every Christmas, Rick Stanley, the stepbrother of Elvis, joins The Meck live on the radio for Christmas at Graceland.

Since 1991, I have worked for TBS at the PGA Championship. These duties included being the stage manager (research) and assistant to announcers Don Sutton, Bobby Clampett, Bob Neal, Ernie Johnson Jr., Verne Lundquist, and assistant to the producer Ken Noland. Since 1995 I have served as stage manager (research), spotting, and assistant to Ernie Johnson and Bobby Clampett in the 18th Tower at the PGA Championship and assistant to the producer Ken Noland at Riviera in Los Angeles (1995), Valhalla in Louisville (1996), Winged Foot in New York (1997), Sahalee in Seattle (1998), Medinah in Chicago (1999). In November 1997 I served as stage manager for the 18th Tower and assistant to Verne Lundquist and Bobby Clampett at the PGA Mastercard Grand Slam in Poipu Bay, Kauai. I have served as assistant to the producer, Ken Noland, on the NFL on TNT as well as the stage manager and assistant to announcer Ernie Johnson, Jr. Our radio show aired live from the PGA championship with guests such as Don Sutton, Bob Neal and Ken Noland who joined me from my hotel room for our show and fielded questions from our callers.

In September of 1993, The Coach and the Meck had a fund raiser auction for an 11 year old, Chris Gatlin, who had a bone marrow transplant for leukemia. Chris is a regular listener of our show and would call in from time to time. When we decided to have the auction, I started talking to some Major League Baseball players such as Tony Gwynn, Ron Gant, and Fred McGriff and asked for autographed bats. I collected 21 bats from Major League players. Some 300 people attended the auction where we raised $15,000 for Chris.

In April of 1997, at the invitation of the "MECK", pitcher Denny Neagle and his wife Jennifer came to Dothan, Alabama for an auction to help raise money for the widow and daughter of Atlanta Braves replacement pitcher, Dave Shotkoski, who was murdered during Spring training in 1995. Chipper Jones' wife, Karin, also attended the fund raiser. The auction featured Atlanta Braves bats, balls and jerseys which were autographed by members of the Atlanta Braves team. A Braves Cy Young baseball and a 1995 Braves World Series baseball were included in the auction. This night to remember was carried live on the "MECK's" radio show. A total of $36,150 was raised for Dave Shotkoski's wife and daughter.

In June 1998, a new TV show with Pitcher Denny Neagle and THE MECK began airing. "Denny Neagle and THE MECK...Behind the Dish" is a weekly, 30 minute show with featured interviews and a personal look at "the game and the game of life." (Airing in Atlanta in Alabama.) It's a show of encouragement, laughter and inspiration focusing on the family, God, hobbies and charities. Guests of the show include Tom Glavine, John Smoltz, Bobby Cox, Bob Costas, Darryl Strawberry and Javy Lopez. On November 23, 1998, Denny Neagle, Javy Lopez and actor Jonathan Silverman ("The Single Guy") joined the MECK in Dothan, AL for the "Eunice Meckley's Hands of Love Auction and Benefit" for single moms, nurses and children. I can provide you, by request, with lists of sports celebrities who have been interviewed on our show. I can also provide you with the arbitron rating. Promos such as, "Don't Do Drugs and Alcohol," and "Get Fired Up About Life" convey the positive re-enforcement The Coach and The Meck want to provide for today's youth. I believe it is our responsibility to set the proper example both on and off the air. The David Meckley radio show is known as "Behind the Dish with the MECK".

As we say on the show, "It's Time to Smell The Cornfields Baby." If you saw the movie Field of Dreams, you had to believe before you could see the players "in the cornfields." You've got to believe in yourself and God before your dreams come true. In February 2000, The Meck shot an instructional and inspirational video with Gary Carter and Javy Lopez....CATCHING, HITTING AND THE GAME OF LIFE. This video will instruct your child how to play the game but most of all inspire your entire family to be winners in the real game, the game of life. The video's theme is TIME the greatest gift you can give anyone, you spell love TIME. The video is dedicated to my mother Eunice who showed me with her life how to invest in others and how to spell love. The video can be purchased through The Meck's website ("") or by connecting with The Meck at 1-334-792-MECK.

June 28, 2000 .. was one of the darkest days of my Life .. My Dad passed away as I sat by his bedside in Jacksonville, Fl .. At 81, He died of brain and lung cancer. Here is his obituary, memorial, and photo page.

I will always remember The Masters Champion Vijay Singh, Dad's close friend .. and his wife gathered around my Dad's bed for 2 hours .. .. just weeks before he died .. The young man who washed the carts .. The young man who mowed the greens ..Dad's close friend Pete Davison .. who runs the 22 TPC's .. and Fred Klauk .. Greens Supt at TPC .. Dad's closest friend .. and his boys.. My Brother Shannon , wife Marcia, and Dad's only grandchild .. Ben ..They were all gathered around his bed .. I thought , What a Legacy my father is leaving . What a Name he's leaving me .. and my brother.. He had invested so much T I M E in their lives.

They just wanted to be close to him .. They often stopped by his table at The TPC Sawgrass .. and Dad always had some great advice .. but most of all .. TIME ..

He was proud of his years on the PGA Tour.. announcing and directing .. plus serving as Cleveland Golf's 1st Tour Rep.. plus working with Hogan and Wood Bros .. but most of all he loved mowing greens when he retired .. especially No 17.. The island hole .. We had his memorial service on his favorite green.. the 17th ... and spread his ashes .. Dick Meckley spread his love and TIME To so many .. THEY ARE HIS TROPHIES .. HE CAN KEEP FOREVER .

His proudest accomplishment was not the TPC Founding membership.. or his years on the PGA Tour .. HIS PROUDEST ACCOMPLISHMENT..??.. 29 YEARS OF SOBRIETY ..

.. In Feb. 2001 .. " Denny Neagle and The Meck .. Pitching and The Game of Life" video was shot in Tucson Ariz .. at Spr. Training .. It's 73 minutes of Instruction and Inspiration .. Denny Neagle teaches you how to pitch .. but also reaches you ..

"The Game of Life is much more important than baseball .. People can talk about how many HR'S you're going to give up .. Your ERA is going to be around 5 now .. Those things look great on the back of a bubble gum card .. But, they can't measure the stats of being there for your family ".. Denny Neagle .

What a Quote and what a touching video .. "TIME spells LOVE".. is also the Theme Song .. written by Eddie Carswell who wrote the No.1 Hit Song .. Christmas Shoes .. Denny Neagle throws a gem in this video for the entire family.. [ Pitching and The Game of Life..]

In August 2002 .. The Meck T I M E Tour .. threw its first pitch .. Meck had been talking with close friend Jim Kearce about the calling he felt on his life .. Encouraged as always by Big Jim .. Meck met with Denny .. Aug 19, 2002 .. in a family room at Turner Field ..

Denny said " Meck, You've been helping people all your life ." "The Meck TIME Tour will be a Sammy Sosa .. Go for it Meck.. People will support you .."Denny prayed and encouraged me .. as he always does ..
The Meck T I M E Tour ..

The Meck is available for:

- Inspirational Speaking .. Meck speaks at .. sporting events .. camps .. schools .. businesses .. churches .. alcohol and drug rehab .. charities .. TV - Radio .. etc .. plus inspirational videos..

- Inspirational Writing .. Columns and writings released on Meck's website.. available for publication .. .. newspapers .. publications .. plus the web ..- Publicist .. Representing Inspirational People and helping them get their message out .. thru newspapers .. the media .. the internet .. Charities .. Businesses .. Plus representing the person as a go between - the media .. Charities .. Businesses ..

- Public Relations .. Promoting and Spreading The Word about those who are Touching Lives in a positive way .. promoting their message ..

- Special Events .. Hosting or helping bring Players, Celebrities, Personalities, Inspirational speakers to a special event ..
To help a charity or special event reach out and give a drink of water .. and TIME ..

The Meck T I M E Tour .. T I M E spells LOVE .. Everything Else is Just Talk .. The Greatest Gift you can give anyone is your T I M E ..

Thanks for your Time .. Meck ..
David Meckley



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